About Us

Vivify Health is transforming healthcare by replacing episodic approaches with the market’s most complete, patient-centered, and holistic connected care platform. Servicing more than 800 hospitals and health plans, the Vivify Pathways™ connected care platform, has been specifically developed to assist in accelerating your operational readiness, mitigate financial risk components and increase your intervention capabilities with lower-than-traditional costs.

Why Vivify

Vivify Health can help you launch and scale comprehensive, effective remote care programs that create exceptional clinical and financial ROI for chronic and post-acute care as well as wellness management.

Vivify Health has developed Vivify Pathways™ to help solve unique provider challenges by facilitating care coordination and collaboration to provide continuous care for patients within an ACO.


Jump Start Your ACO, with an already operationally ready solution that meets value-based care’s quadruple aim:

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Lower your cost of care
  • Improve care team and provider experiences
  • Improve the patient experience

Vivify Health Remote Care Solutions for ACOs

Vivify Pathways™ can help you address any major challenges in implementing an ACO and Remote Care Strategy. It is being used today in conjunction with a variety of programs, such as – Preventable Hospitalization and Readmission, Care Transition and Discharge, Wellness and Cessation, Maternity and High-risk Pregnancy, Chronic Disease Management, Pre and Post-Procedure Programs


These comprehensive, patient-centered solutions can be delivered to virtually any mobile device or PC, or via a fully managed Vivify Pathways +Home kit. Key features include:

  • Customized Engagement Pathways
  • Educational content
  • Biometrics – Manual Self Entry
  • Bluetooth Patient Biometric Self-Trending
  • 90+ Chronic Conditions, Monitor Any condition
  • Web and Mobile apps
  • Real-Time Risk Stratification
  • Vivify-to-Patient Technical Support
  • Bi-Directional Secure Messaging
  • Virtual Visits (multi-party)





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For more information contact: 855-484-8439 / info@vivifyhealth.com / www.vivifyhealth.com

Vivify Health can help your ACO address any major challenges in implementing a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and overall Virtual Care strategy.
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