Overview: How We Help Providers Achieve Success in Value-Based Health Care

Roji Health Intelligence® guides organized health care systems and their providers on the path to Value-
Based Health Care. We help our clients deliver value and earn a reputation for delivering measurable
clinical excellence at reasonable cost.

Hoping to reach the final performance metrics won’t get you there; you need grit, a solid strategy
defined and revised by real-world outcomes, and expert support along the way. Roji Health Intelligence
helps you to implement value-based performance strategies that are responsive to consumers and
physicians in order to generate patient growth, loyalty and solid physician relationships—while pushing
toward your goals. The results are stellar performance and a long-term foundation for better medical
decision-making between physicians, combined with stable revenues.


Why Work with Roji Health Intelligence?

  • Establish informed plan for financial risk based on Roji Health Intelligence data-driven analyses.
  • Create the best specialty provider team by evaluating cost comparisons and developing supportive strategy through Roji ACO+ Network: Select Specialists.
  • Comprehend attributes, risks and changes in patient population(s) to develop patient outreach and outcome improvement initiatives.
  • Implement innovative improvement strategies with Roji thought leadership, and test effectiveness.
  • Build ownership of providers through Roji Health Intelligence CDR communication, improvement initiatives and feedback loops.
  • Gain accuracy and credibility of performance measurement and reporting with health plans and Medicare via Roji Health Intelligence’s Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR)


Roji Health Intelligence Services are Driven by Clinical and Cost Data

Roji Health Intelligence recommends avenues for optimum participation in Alternative Payment Models,
based on your organization’s strengths. We draw on client data, including clinical data from provider
EMRs or clinical data repositories. Organizations are different and, so too, are your goals and path for
participation in Value-Based Health Care. Having worked since 2002 with health care organizations of all
sizes and types—health care systems, academic centers, physician organizations and PHOs, and single
and multi-specialty physician practices—Roji Health Intelligence favors approaches that are tailored to
your organization.

Our data-driven process begins with aggregating data from client sources to power analytics and
baseline performance metrics in our analytical engine, the ONC-Certified Roji Health Intelligence Clinical
Data Registry (CDR). The CDR is the platform for ACOs and also supports limited project engagements.


Roji Health Intelligence ACO Services Are Variable, Modular and Customized

Many Roji Health Intelligence clients have heavily invested in clinical technology and have other
technologies in play. Other clients are working with basic tools and creating their own analyses. We
work out arrangements to make your ACO investments sensible and cost-efficient. And, since we are
collecting data that is rich in patient detail as well as costs, we reach arrangements to organize and
contribute parts of that data for other projects, when permissible and directed by you, the owners.

As our client, you will have a unique suite of customized applications, initiatives and functionalities in
the Roji Health Intelligence CDR, based on your existing technologies and plan of action. Initiatives are
often custom-designed to include your organization’s other sources of data and vendors.


Roji Health Intelligence: Thought Leadership

Our customized approach to ACO success under Value-Based Health Care draws on extensive experience in the health care industry. Roji Health Intelligence began in 2002 with an idea that health care providers needed the data and strategies to participate in pay-for-performance reimbursement. Initially, we helped organized networks to clinically integrate and work collaboratively with health plans. Our technology, the Roji Health Intelligence Clinical Data Registry, was first formed for measuring and reporting quality. In 2002, we were one of the first technology companies to be able to access and aggregate data from provider billing and EMR systems to fuel performance  measurement, clinical integration and, later, cost performance measurement and performance improvements.

Roji Health Intelligence has been deeply involved in helping clients implement Value-Based Health Care initiatives. Our services span technology and consultation for clinical integration, MIPS quality reporting (and previously PQRS), Value-Based Payment Modifier services and MIPS Cost services, Performance Improvement, and ACO services. Since 2014, Roji Health Intelligence has been designated as a Qualified
Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) by CMS. We provide the full spectrum of Value-Based Health Care services,
including data aggregation, technology infrastructure, analytics and consultation.

Our approach is characterized by a collaborative inquiry process regarding health outcomes and costs,
informed by data and feedback. Although money is clearly at stake under financial risk models,
performance data never tell the whole story on any episode of patient care. The consequences of
measuring performance must be managed in an environment of learning that is focused on

Roji Health Intelligence publishes educational and strategic content every week on our website, with an
archive of more than 200 articles, as well as articles in health care journals and newsletters. Learn more at https://rojihealthintel.com/blog.


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Roji Health Intelligence® guides providers on the path to value. The pioneering Roji ACO+ Network: Select Specialists helps ACOs build high value networks, and helps specialists to safely adopt risk.