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Public Insight transforms the islands of disparate data sources into actionable insights enabling users to self-analyze through critical population and community metrics in seconds.

Why Public Insight?

As the healthcare system’s responsibility expands beyond the walls of the health provider, the need to understand social determinants of health (SDOH) has become a top priority. Understanding about the patient takes much more into account than what happens to a patient while sitting on the exam table. SDOH consider a wide breadth of indicators such as housing, social, education, employment and economic factors. Pulling together the wide range of data sources necessary to analyze this breadth of data is at best, difficult.

Public Insight curates the vast ecosystem of public and private data sources into a common data catalog to enable actionable insights into social determinants of health. The Public Insight data catalog is infinitely extendible to national, state, licensed and private data sources. The Public Insight data-as-a-service business model allows organizations to build diverse geographic analyses based on any blended data elements from social, economic, health, education, and housing indicators. Public Insight Interactives combine the power of business intelligence software with curated data to enable self-service strategic insights into communities.

Public Insight Solutions


Public Insight Interactives enable rapid strategic analysis and data exploration without data or tools expertise. Public Insight Interactives are a unique combination of topical, curated data and the Microsoft® Power BI business intelligence software to analyze vast quantities of data effortlessly. 360-Public analyzes markets, regions, and communities by breaking down the barriers of data silos across the spectrum of health, education, economic, social, and demographic data sources such as American Community Survey, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Centers for Disease Control, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and more. Insight for Healthcare analyzes healthcare providers by region such as hospitals and nursing homes across over 50 topical areas, 7,000 hospitals, and 16,000 skilled nursing facilities using data primarily from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

On-Demand Data Service

The Public Insight On-Demand Data Service allows you to create custom, blended data sets from a master data catalog of billions of public and licensed data points. On-Demand Data is a usage-based service, so you only pay for data that you consume. Premium data includes licensed data from partners that are priced on a usage basis saving licensing costs. The service includes Extract Builder, a free powerful data blending tool that allows you to rapidly construct custom optimized databases from across data sources.


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We curate the vast ecosystem of public and private data sources into interoperable population, community and provider metrics to enable actionable insights for your ACO