About us:

Proficient Health’s mission is to improve care delivery and reduce costs by facilitating better communication and delivery/exchange of clinical information across a wide range of providers with disparate systems. For over 10 years, we’ve been committed to helping providers deliver the best patient care through innovative and progressive software solutions.


Why Proficient Health?

With over 100 years of combined healthcare and technology experience and more than 60 years of direct clinical experience, the Proficient Health team has a deep understanding of the unique communication challenges healthcare organizations and providers face, and have designed our suite of solutions, high-touch implementation process and continuous client engagement programs with them in mind.


Values Proficient Health brings to ACOs:

  • Improve patient care coordination through better clinical communication
  • Streamline and standardize the patient referral process, reducing referrals made to out-of-network providers
  • Support both urgent and non-urgent communication
  • Reduce costs through improved workflow efficiency and other operational efficiencies at the practice and network level
  • Minimize unnecessary ED visits and duplicative tests/procedures by enabling direct communication between providers
  • Enable direct connection between providers to discuss urgent patient matters
  • Achieve quality metrics
  • Maximize shared savings
  • Minimize downside risks
  • Gain visibility into practice performance and engagement
  • Overcome challenges presented by disparate EHRs and other systems
  • Create transparent communication loop- full visibility into send/received messages


Proficient Health Solutions for ACOs:

Proficient Exchange & Capture: Our powerful software interface makes it easy to generate, manage and track referrals and other patient-centric information- sharing images, files and records of any type. Standards-based, data extraction protocols support bi-directional communication to and from any legacy systems or EHRs being used. Our customers can capture data electronically and automatically keep their records in sync without copying, scanning or rekeying.


Proficient Connect: Our web-based mobile messaging platform makes it simple to connect provider to provider when you need them- whether working from your desktop or mobile device. Proficient Connect will connect you directly to a provider, practice or service line without knowing schedules, names, roles or locations. Your messages are intelligently routed and delivered to the appropriate provider and device for faster response times at the point of care.


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Proficient Health offers an integrated suite of solutions designed to support better patient care, easier consults, improved operational efficiencies, & enhanced in-network optimization for ACOs.