ProCARE Portal is a web-based compensation management application for physicians and healthcare providers.

ProCARE Portal is a flexible rules based system that allows for the configuration of complex physician compensation plans and real-time visibility to compensation metrics, KPIs, and results. It supports all variations of productivity-based and value-based physician compensation models. ProCARE Portal is an imperative tool in the evolving physician compensation arena.

ProCare can integrate applicable data from various internal or external client systems such as EMR, human resources, financial and Practice Management systems.  ProCARE will have the ability to load client benchmark data from a variety of industry sources including MGMA, Thompson Reuters, American Medical Group Management, Towers Watson, Sullivan Cotter and episode grouper databases.  These sources add value to various compensation models and provide key comparison data to outside markets.

ProCARE’s platform includes components and file structures consistent with the healthcare industry while offering the flexibility to fully meet the vast compensation requirements of each individual organization.

Bottom line, ProCARE allows compensation data to be processed in variable time frames and automates daily productivity measurements.


ProCARE’s flexible platform allows healthcare entities to manage the various aspects of provider compensation including the following classifications:

  • ACO Intermediary
  • Bundled Payments
  • Modeling
  • Productivity
  • Salary/Equal Share
  • Bonus
  • Population Health- Capitation
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Pay for Quality

When considering these classifications, our product allows you to manage compensation amongst these variables:

QUALITY Pay providers for quality measures that drive patient outcome and insurance payment. This can include: diabetic bundles, immunization, mammography, hypertension control, emergency department usage, readmission, infection rates, morbidity, prescription compliance, prescription rates, CPOE, allergy check, drug formulary check, problem list maintenance, vital signs, demographic field compliance, advance directives, test results, patient education.

MODELING PAYMENT MODELS – Configure and evaluate the impact to individuals and the organizations with modeling software. Compare your compensation results to industry benchmarks

INNOVATING FUTURE MODELS – Platform to build and execute partnerships with payers/ other providers for specific populations of patients. So many ideas exist today to partner with payers and outside medical groups to maximize patient health. The practices that make these deals today are the ones that will be successful both clinically and financially. You do not have to wait for Accountable Care Organizations to build these relationships and models, you just need a tool that can fairly distribute and pay the appropriate party based off your arrangement. Distribute bundled payment within and outside your organization today.


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A fully configurable rules based platform capable of automating any compensation requirements for complex integrated care systems, community hospitals, ACOs, payers, and provider organizations.