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Nixon Gwilt Law attorneys are experts in how to navigate the complex framework of healthcare laws and regulations affecting your area of the healthcare industry. We help you reduce exposure to risk and thrive in the new era of healthcare. Our goal is to help all of our clients get it right the first time, creating a strong foundation for compliance from the outset. We’re more than just healthcare lawyers. Nixon Gwilt Law helps cut through the complexities of the healthcare industry, advising our clients, advocating for their interests, and accelerating their healthcare businesses.

Why Nixon Gwilt Law

Nixon Gwilt Law attorneys bring a depth of experience from “Big Law” firms, Capitol Hill, the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), health tech companies, and — prior to attending law school — careers as healthcare providers. We have deep expertise in healthcare law, policy, and technology, and we work hand in hand with our clients to find solutions to the most complex legal and business problems in the industry.

In creating Nixon Gwilt Law, founders Carrie Nixon and Rebecca Gwilt made the conscious decision to forego “business as usual” and build from scratch a law firm that is tailor-made to serve clients in the fast-paced, technology-oriented world we now live in. The extraordinarily high fees charged by most law firms are driven in large part by costly overhead in the form of expansive office space, bloated administrative staffing, and operational inefficiencies. These high fees put legal services out of reach for those who may need them most – especially innovative health tech startups, providers starting a new practice or business, and behavioral health practices.

At Nixon Gwilt Law, we do things differently. By reducing our overhead, we are able to provide top quality legal services to a wide array of participants in the healthcare industry at more affordable rates.

Our practice areas include: Healthcare Innovation (Digital Health & Telemedicine, Concierge Medicine, Value-based Delivery and Reimbursement, CMS Program Applications, Medical Cannabis Regenerative Medicine), Healthcare Compliance and Security (Fraud & Abuse, Privacy & Security, State and Federal certification and licensure matters, Policies and Procedures, Governance), and Healthcare Corporation and Transactional (Business Formation, Mergers/Acquisitions/Joint Ventures, Financing, Key Legal/Business Documents, Contract Drafting and Negotiation).

Nixon Gwilt Law Solutions for ACOs

At NGL, we are laser-focused on the future. The health care industry is rapidly changing, and we believe it is our responsibility to ensure our clients are ready to take advantage of the opportunities available. We know that if you’re not constantly learning in health care, you’re already behind. So, we make sure our clients are up to date with the latest developments in health law, policy, and technology.

In addition to our legal services for healthcare providers from across the care spectrum, our services for Accountable Care Organizations and other value-based reimbursement models include ACO formation and structuring innovated delivery arrangements, value-based contracting, structuring and implementation of ACO waivers, and more.


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Our attorneys are experts at navigating the complex framework of laws & regulations affecting the healthcare industry. We help your ACO reduce risk exposure and thrive in the new era of healthcare.