About Us

Mozzaz is an industry leader in digital health technology with deep expertise in creating highly personalized, virtual care solutions that help ACOs empower their patients with digital tools for remote care management. Mozzaz delivers a wide range of telehealth solutions like remote patient monitoring, patient engagement, and virtual care technologies on a stand-alone basis or integrated into a comprehensive solution, all from a unified digital health platform.


Why Mozzaz

Mozzaz’s unique platform was built with flexibility in mind, so our solutions can be deployed 80% faster and more cost-efficiently than others of its kind. Driven by AI-enabled insights, we provide highly personalized solutions ensuring that patients are effectively activated and engaged for better outcomes.

Our rules-based engine automates individualized patient experiences and full interoperability allows for seamless data  exchange, ensuring the best possible clinician user experience.



Virtual Care

Digitize personalized patient care plans, with automated interventions & specialized tools for virtual care management:

  • Fully digitized patient care plans
  • Secure telehealth, messaging, alerts & reminders
  • Digital self-assessment forms & devices
  • Clinician dashboards, documentation & reporting
  • Secure electronic visit verification (EVV)
  • Augmentative & alternative communication (AAC)
  • Rules-based digital interventions
  • Interoperability, data exchange & ADT notifications
  • Prescriptive analytics to identify at-risk patients
  • Digital appointment scheduling
  • Online referral management
  • SDK & extensible APIs for embedded solutions


Customizable Care Plans

Customize pre-existing digital libraries based on clinically proven interventions to quickly deploy a virtual care solution for patients in the following programs:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Long Term Services & Supports
  • Pre & Post-Operative Care

Remote Patient Monitoring

Deploy an isolated RPM solution or combine it with our virtual care solution for a holistic patient experience.

  • Device provisioning and distribution
  • Device connectivity and data collection
  • Patient Application
  • Digital surveys & content
  • Clinician dashboards
  • Billing reports for CMS reimbursement



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Main Contact: Kevin McQueen | kevin.mcqueen@mozzaz.com | 267.857.4187 | mozzaz.com

Mozzaz helps ACOs empower patients with digital solutions for remote patient monitoring and AI-enabled virtual care, for next-level personalization, collaborative high-quality care & improved outcomes
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