Communications Orchestration

Shape what your member hears to win in a value-based world


Fast Facts About HealthCrowd

  • Leader in Medicaid digital communications that drive measurable outcomes
  • Pioneer of preventive closed-loop social needs / SDoH outreach
  • Trailblazer in Medicare Advantage & D-SNP digital adoption

HealthCrowd is a healthcare communications orchestration company focused maniacally on making consumers better partners with the healthcare ecosystem. We serve risk-bearing entities in 34 plus states including 4 out of 5 of the country’s top managed care organizations.


Our Unique Capabilities

The secret sauce is our Best Next Nudge™ technology1. We have turned traditional outreach on its head by easily enabling individualized communications and individualized timelines at scale. Think “campaigns-of-one”.

We routinely deliver statistically significant outcomes2 and power thousands of programs across the entire member lifecycle in numerous threshold languages.

1 Interested in the technology? Learn more here:

2 Interested in the outcomes? Learn more here:


Why Orchestration?

Orchestration is the ability to control, coordinate and monitor enterprise-wide communications with the dual (and difficult) mandate of delivering outcomes in conjunction with a compelling member experience. All our customers renew year-over-year. We gratefully accept it as a testament to our customer commitment. 


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HealthCrowd orchestrates and delivers healthcare communications that drive healthy actions and consumer satisfaction while managing compliance.
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