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eMedApps is a healthcare technology company that provides a community-based patient record solution and integration services to ACO’s and other healthcare organizations. Founded in 1999, eMedApps serves over 10,500 healthcare providers across the U.S. The company offers a suite of integration, EHR downtime/archiving, Community Based Health, Patient Interaction, Hosting and professional services solutions that facilitate EHR transitions and deliver interoperability within and across healthcare enterprises and information systems.

Why eMedApps

With over 20 years of experience integrating EHRs, eMedApps’ expert consultants know what works and what doesn’t, providing valuable insight to clients. eMedApps’ used this understanding to offer a unique community-based patient record to multi-EHR ACOs and other provider groups.

eMedApps Community-Based Care Solution for ACOs

“CHC takes ADTs a step farther by allowing us to dive further into the patient’s record. Some services offer alerts, but CHC offers more robust data behind the alerts.”
Riverview Medical

Community Health Cloud provides a community-based patient record with all the information patients wished providers had in their EHR. With Community Health Cloud, clinical members of the patient’s care team are alerted when there are updates to the patient’s care. Providers can also communicate with each other across organizations. This patient centric solution allows patients to see their own data and manage their consent for each practice. CHC is a powerful, time-saving solution that streamlines the multi-practice patient care process with a consolidated view for physicians and care management teams to coordinate across practices with disparate EHRs.

  • Receive automatic notifications for hospitalization events and for visit appointments with other members of the care team
  • Access detailed visit information in the community record with a timeline or longitudinal view
  • Generate notifications for any member of the care team from any clinical data element
  • View CCDA History, Upcoming Appointments, Allergies, Medications, Results, Vitals, Procedures, Immunizations, Social History, Hospitalizations, Providers, and Problems
  • View trending charts for Results and Vitals
  • Patient-centric design gives patient full access to their patient record with managed facility-based consent and a log of organization and user access history


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Primary Contact: Jeanette Kebisek 847-490-6869 ext 422 / kebisekj@emedapps.com / www.emedapps.com


eMedApps is a healthcare technology company that provides a community-based patient record solution, called Community Health Cloud, and integration services to ACOs and other healthcare organizations.
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