Who We Are

Clinigence Health is a health data aggregation and advanced analytics company that enables risk-bearing organizations to improve the overall health of their population, while achieving superior financial results. We offer healthcare providers a single unified analytics platform for quality reporting and improvement, cost and utilization management, risk stratification and predictive modeling, enabling provider organizations to succeed in their performance-based, risk sharing and value-based payment models. Our data aggregation and normalization technology delivers comprehensive, complete, and accurate patient records across the care continuum and a robust foundation for successful population health management. The Clinigence Health cloud-based solution is used by more than 8,000 physicians to manage 9 million patients in 2,000 medical practices.

Why Clinigence Health

At Clinigence Health, similar to nearly all population health and quality initiatives, the shared goal of better care at lower costs is what drives everything that we do. Our analytics play a significant role in helping you identify the most impactful cost, quality, and behavioral drivers to achieve highly successful population health management.

Whether a payer or provider, our analytics give you valuable insights to be able to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of care, enhance population health management and measure provider performance. We empower you to manage all of your lines of business from a single platform by bringing both payer-multi-provider and provider-multi-payer views together in a single source that spans the continuum of care.

We view our client relationships as true partnerships, and this is the chief reason why we are always at the leading edge of innovation that advances the transformation of value-based care and population health. The product of some of these client partnerships can be seen in our work with social determinants of health (SDoH) and remote monitoring devices. These devices are proven to increase patient engagement, a priority focus for physicians today.

Clinigence Health Advantages & Solutions for ACOs

Clinigence Health has developed AI-based data integration technology that efficiently integrates data from any source, normalizes and aggregates it by patient, and classifies patients by any criteria into unlimited populations in real-time. This unique data integration and aggregation architecture provides the foundational support for performance management, including unparalleled KPIs, at the organization, practice, provider, and patient levels, where our intuitive dashboards enable provider and payer organizations to identify improvement opportunities that their executives, administrators and clinicians can easily translate into action – the key to financial and clinical success in a dynamic performance-based payment landscape.


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Clinigence Health enables value-based healthcare organizations to deliver higher quality of care at a lower total cost.