About Us 

Since being founded in the fall of 2014, C3HealthcareRx (C3) has been committed to the 3C’s: Care. Compliance. Collaboration.

We address each of your challenges though a multi-pronged approach. As experts in innovation, we consult with healthcare providers to help identify key areas of opportunity and create a clear plan to empower patients, drive value, and improve health outcomes.


Why C³HealthcareRx 

Up to this point, healthcare initiatives have either been designed to be one-size-fits-all or as siloed solutions that lead to vendor fatigue. C3 consultants recognize that each client has unique needs, and just as multiple medications may be needed to treat an illness, multiple initiatives may be needed to reach a specific goal.

Because C3 specializes in improving quality scores, our consultants have specialized knowledge of medical practices, hospitals, and payors.   Our consultants specialize and work with all stakeholders to understand their goals, design a roadmap to success, then help implement. Our individualized approach provides a comprehensive roadmap meant to tackle a variety of goals, including increasing quality measures, expanding annual wellness visits, growing medication adherence, improving post-acute care, and more. Click below to find out how we can increase revenue for each provider by $9000, or lower cost of delivery… or to move into the NexGen category for the greatest reimbursement opportunity.


Care, Compliance, Collaboration 

In a recent speech, CMS’s Administrator stated, “All of our initiatives focus on implementing a vision to transform the healthcare system into one that delivers better value to patients through competition and innovation. To achieve this, we will focus on three main objectives: empowering patients, focusing on results, and unleashing innovation.

Through years of experience, C3 has learned that the Care and education we provide to patients empowers them to take control of their health. When patients are educated and empowered, Compliance is increased, health outcomes are improved, and results are realized. And through consultative Collaboration with healthcare providers across the continuum of care, we increase shared savings, improve quality ratings and create innovative solutions that achieve predictable, repeatable and quantifiable results


Suite of Solutions  

In this ever-changing world of healthcare, C3 understands that healthcare providers often face multiple challenges and seek to achieve multiple goals; thus, our consultants recommend multiple solutions, such as:

  • Leveraging telehealth technologies to increase care access and minimize care barriers
  • Implementing a collaborative care approach in the primary care setting to improve mental healthcare
  • Improving medication adherence to boost financial performance and lower hospital readmittance rates
  • Reducing cost of care through digital innovation and in-home visits to enhance patient outcomes


Let’s Check In  

Are you effectively exceeding your goals?

In what areas would you like to improve?


Speak with one of our consultants to begin your journey to increased shared savings, improved quality, and greater results.


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Main Contact: Beth TurbyFill & Amber Hunter / acoinfo@c3healthcarerx.com / 919-341-8219 / www.C3HealthcareRx.com

As experts in efficiency, C³HealthcareRx consultants work with ACOs to identify key challenges, and create an innovative roadmap to improve health outcomes and drive down costs.