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With 25 years of experience delivering innovative solutions to sleep medicine, BetterNight is the nation’s only comprehensive virtual-care sleep solution. BetterNight delivers ACOs, lower cost of care, industry-leading outcomes and superior satisfaction rates.


Why Sleep?

Sleep issues are incredibly costly, highly prevalent, and severely undiagnosed. For the comorbid conditions that cost ACO’s patients the most, sleep disorders are vastly associated:

  •   83% Hypertension (causal)
  •   72% Diabetes
  •   76% Heart Failure
  •   57% Coronary Artery Disease
  •   63% Stroke
  •   49% Atrial Fibrillation
  •   77% Obesity
  •   45% Depression


Innovation in Care Delivery

Today’s diagnostic and treatment pathway for treating sleep is broken for the provider and patient and is fraught with silos of costly and fragmented care delivered over many months. Out of the 40% of Americans dealing with sleep problems, less than 15% are getting proper care. Physicians can benefit by providing a more accessible and efficient avenues for their patients to address their sleep issues. With telemedicine, virtual care, remote patient monitoring, and digital therapies, BetterNight provides cost-effective care pathways to help patients treat their concerns in a manner that is convenient for them.



BetterNight delivers the Triple AIM for ACO’s via:

Lower Costs

  • 30-60% reduction in cost
  • 3:1 ROI on treatment of apnea
  • Up to 70% cost of care reduction

Improved Outcomes

  • 92% success in resolving symptoms of insomnia
  • 76% reduction in daytime sleepiness
  • 80% Medicare Apnea Therapy Compliance and 72% long term compliance after 1 year (vs. 33% industry average)

Patient Satisfaction

  • 99% patient satisfaction
  • 89 Net Promoter Score


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Main Contact: Jeff Goe / 602-628-0535 / jgoe@betternight.com / www.betternightenterprise.com

BetterNight delivers providers with an integrated sleep care pathway resulting in lower costs of care, improved outcomes and a better patient experience.