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Connect your health community like never before. Learn how Allscripts EHR solutions help you work smarter.

Small to Midsize Ambulatory and Physician Practices

Allscripts Professional EHR™ is an Open-platform solution that brings all your information sources into harmony to create an Open, connected community of health™. Now your practice will drive care coordination more effectively with other providers and health systems that serve your patients. Add to that convenient e-prescribing and sophisticated workflows that streamline administrative tasks, and you’ll get time back with your patients.

Large Ambulatory and Multispecialty Practices

Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR is an Open-platform EHR solution that brings all your data sources together. This advantage, along with the capability to customize workflows, puts you in the driver’s seat to coordinate and deliver primary and specialized care effectively. With streamlined administrative tasks, you have more time to keep your patients well and your business on track.

 Why we chose Allscripts 

“We used lots of programs to accomplish great clinical results. TouchWorks EHR is the main data repository and tool at the center of these efforts.” – Stephen Nuckolls, chief executive officer, Coastal Carolina Health Care

Electronic Health Record Solutions

Large Ambulatory and Multispecialty Practices

You want to take great care of your patients, while staying independent and financially viable. Complicated systems that create as many headaches as they solve – that’s what you don’t need. Let us take the guesswork out of EHR software while offering robust clinical and financial functionality. Our EHR solutions offer in-system e-prescribing, mobile access and robust, flexible clinical features to help you deliver quality patient care, combined with powerful financial and administrative support.

Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR is built for clinicians, offering clinical decision support at the point of care, e-prescribing, a configurable clinical desktop and nearly 800 clinician-reviewed care guides. And with access from anywhere, at any time to some of the most in-demand features in the EHR, Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR Mobile helps on-the-go physicians take care of patients and improve outcomes through awareness and timely decision making. Highly scalable, TouchWorks EHR is the right choice for multisite as well as multispecialty organizations.

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Also available with TouchWorks EHR, Allscripts Prenatal™ is a cloud-based solution that allows clinicians to document and communicate maternity care information above and beyond the capabilities offered in standard EHRs, for a truly revolutionary experience in maternity care.

Allscripts Clinical Quality Solution (CQS) is a clinical decision support and quality management tool that integrates tightly with TouchWorks EHR.


Small to Midsize Ambulatory and Physician Practices

Being a smaller practice doesn’t mean things are simpler. You deal with the same complexities and changes facing the industry, often with fewer resources to help you adapt. Our suite of fully integrated clinical and financial solutions makes it easy for you to reach a new level in care delivery. The sophisticated workflows anticipate your day and provide multiple “at-a-glance” views to help you manage your practice. From one customized, easy-to-use interface, you can manage your patients’ clinical care and your organization’s financial health.

Allscripts Professional EHR™ offers intuitive daily planning and provider tools that streamline patient flow. You’ll be able to easily monitor appointments, treatment plans and lab results from a single dashboard. Our new offering, Allscripts Professional EHR™ Mobile, enables clinicians to extend the capabilities of the EHR outside the practice and delivers remote access to workflows that support the mobile nature of providing care. With the robust content and reliable infrastructure, Professional EHR is the best choice for smaller and specialty practices and clinics.

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Some providers just need electronic prescribing of medications. Whether you need an e-prescribing solution to comply with regulations or want to integrate Allscripts ePrescribe™ capability into your specialty EHR, Allscripts can help.

Post-Acute Care

Allscripts recognizes the importance of post-acute care in today’s patient-centric environment. Allscripts® Referral Management enables you to successfully evaluate referrals, and accept and transition patients from one setting to the next.

The Allscripts Homecare™ solution, available through our partner Netsmart, offers comprehensive functionality that automates processes from patient intake to billing and account receivables. Seamlessly combine your business, clinical and scheduling functionality for multiple business segments, including home health, hospice and private duty.

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Allscripts Professional EHR™ and Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR offer intelligent, comprehensive EHR solutions. Powerful tools providing you immediate analysis and insights so you can initiate change.