About Us

Alleon Healthcare Capital is a finance firm that works with healthcare providers, ACOs, MSOs, and IPAs. Our focus is on helping these healthcare sector entities manage cash flow with our financing programs.

Why Alleon

Healthcare providers and ancillary healthcare entities typically struggle with receiving consistent cash flow from their payors. Alleon has expertise in medical billing and revenue cycle management and is able to partner up with healthcare entities by offering financing programs secured by accounts receivable and other assets.

Alleon works with ACOs, MSOs, IPAs, Healthcare Agencies, Substance Abuse Centers, Specialty Pharmacies, Senior Living Facilities, Hospitals, Doctor Groups, DME/HME, Chiropractors, Orthopedic Surgeons, Medical Transport and Translation Companies, Imaging Centers, Labs, Urgent Care Centers and others. Some of the benefits offered by Alleon’s programs are:

Shortens the time period between billing and collection.
• Dramatically improves the predictability of cash flow, which allows the healthcare provider(s) to focus on its core business.
Provides quick access to working capital needed for expansion, acquisition and/or daily operations.

Alleon’s financing program for ACOs

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Primary Contact: Leon Chernyavsky / leonc@alleoncapital.com / 201-340-6344 / www.alleoncapital.com

Alleon Healthcare Capital partners with healthcare providers, ACOs, MSOs, & IPAs to help tackle cash flow issues with our financing programs, allowing our clients to better serve their communities.
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