About Us

The Accountable Care Learning Collaborative was founded by Former Secretary for Health and Human Services, Gov. Mike Leavitt, and Former Administrator for CMS, Dr. Mark McClellan. The ACLC is a member organization dedicated to advancing the continually evolving value-based movement. The ACLC brings together the top performers in value-based care and industry leaders who know what it takes to succeed. Our members contribute and benefit by participating in collaborative forums to discuss the core competencies needed to accelerate the readiness of healthcare organizations to assume value-based payment models. With its competency-based framework for health value, the ACLC is working with healthcare organizations all over the country to create the workforce of tomorrow.


The Accountable Care Atlas

The Accountable Care Atlas is a collection of over 160 competencies organized into a logical sequence to aid providers in their transformation efforts. Cross-industry representatives convened by the ACLC identified the competencies, which are viewed as essential for provider organizations successfully providing value-based care.

The competency domains addressed in the Atlas include: 

·       Governance

·       Finance

·       Care Delivery

·       Health IT

·       Risk Stratification

·       Quality

·       Patient Centeredness

For each competency, the ACLC convenes committees of provider and industry experts and learners to discuss the practical implementation of competencies and the barriers faced. Members contribute their understanding and experience in the real world of value-based care implementation and this information is distilled into functional resources for other value-focused professionals. Each committee produces a Case Study Brief that spotlights a specific organization’s efforts in the core competency discussed. Additionally, a Competency Orientation Guide provides a synthesis of key components identified by the group to support provider implementation of the competency..


Member Benefits

Membership in the ACLC is uniquely valuable because of its approach to co-produce solutions with a wide variety of provider-community thought leaders. Here are the top benefits we provide to our members:

To make value work, we must have disruptive innovation, spirited collaboration, democratized knowledge, and realignment of the health care workforce towards value-based care competencies. Join us in the race to value!


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Main Contact: Eric Weaver – eric.weaver@wgu.edu / 512-789-5945 / www.accountablecarelc.org


The ACLC is a non-profit, peer-learning, membership collaborative focused on accelerating the transition to VBC through an industry developed & validated framework of value-based competencies.