AaNeel Provides ACOs with the No. 1 Customizable Healthcare Delivery Solution

Who We Are

We are a leading healthcare technology company that combines sophisticated software with healthcare services and management solutions for our ACOs. Our comprehensive and powerful suite of solutions help achieve higher standards of care, while improving their financial performance and delivering more value to patients.


Customized to Meet YOUR ACO’s Needs

You can customize the AaNeel software platform to meet your ACO’s specific information requirements. Just as each patient’s needs are unique, every ACO’s information needs are different. We can provide the tools to manage and support your ACO’s daily tasks – customized to meet your unique information requirements for operational support, financial improvement, enhanced clinical care and actionable analytical reports.

AaNeel’s ACO solution suite combines advanced cloud-based data analytics with our data-driven intervention software platform to improve clinical and quality outcomes, utilization, and financial performance across your ACO.


ACO Service Solutions

In addition to our software technology platform, AaNeel offer a clinical team of physicians and highly-trained nurses to provide the following services to your ACO


Results Are What Matters!

The proof of the effectiveness of AaNeel’s technology-driven ACO solution is in the results we have helped our clients achieve

  • 100% of AaNeel’s ACO clients make shared savings after using our platform for one year
  • $600 is the average shared savings per member, per year
  • 1.5 years is average time it takes a non-performing ACO to make at least $2 million in shared savings after partnering with AaNeel


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Main Contact: Upen Patel / upen@aaneel.com / 813-920-2360 / www.aaneel.com

AaNeel's latest technology-based solutions offer efficient and effective business plans for ACOs looking to maximize their revenues in today’s competitive healthcare market.