Risk Strategies, a top-20 national insurance brokerage and risk management company, is a leader in providing insurance solutions to the health care industry.

Risk Strategies is your one-stop shop for ACO risk management including:

  • Surety Bonds as repayment mechanism
  • Reinsurance to protect downside risk
  • Medical Malpractice Insurance for physicians in your ACO
  • A full suite of Property & Casualty coverages


Surety Bonds as a Repayment Mechanism

Track 1+, Track 2, Track 3, and NextGen ACOs have two-sided risk. CMS requires these ACOs to provide a repayment mechanism to assure that shared losses can be repaid.

An ACO’s repayment mechanism must be equal to at least 1% of its total per capita Medicare Parts A and B fee-for-service expenditures for its assigned beneficiaries, as determined based on expenditures used to establish the ACO’s benchmark.

CMS accepts letters of credit (LOC), cash held in escrow, and/or surety bonds for this purpose. While LOCs are an acceptable form of collateral, LOCs are costly and inflexible, and ACOs often struggle to find the capital to place into escrow funds. The better, more cost-effective option for ACOs is using a surety bond.


Protecting ACOs Downside Risk

Managing the overall financial impact of risk based contracts is vital for providers to ensure the long-term financial success of their organizations as a whole. Insurance plays a key role in protecting against the downside financial impact of risk-based contracts and two types of insurance in particular can play a role:

Specific stop-loss insurance that protects the provider from the financial risk associated with high dollar claims for individual members in their risk population

Aggregate stop-loss insurance that protects the provider from the overall performance of a given risk-based contract


Medical Malpractice Insurance for Physicians in your ACO

As a health care specialty broker, we have extensive experience in providing health care organizations with a myriad of customized insurance and risk financing solutions to address financial challenges physicians face today. We can assist physicians in establishing a cost savings insurance program tailored to their needs. We guarantee we will provide the physician practice dedicated one-on-one service to improve their ability to serve patients, remain independent and ensure success and longevity in the practice.

Cornerstone/CPLC Insurance Brokerage specializes in medical malpractice insurance for physicians and surgeons.  We are dedicated to educating physicians with the knowledge to make informed choices when it comes to their insurance needs.

•  We have specialized in medical professional liability insurance for 30+ years and have handled the insurance for over 5,000 physicians. We understand the complexities of the medical malpractice market.

•  We deliver an independent coverage analysis and can identify and correct any inaccuracy in current policies.

•  We ensure a much more efficient, accurate and non-disruptive renewal process for the practice and the Practice   Administrator than the typical renewal process. With our dedicated account managers, turnaround time is significantly reduced.

•  We streamlined our process to avoid unnecessary work for Program Administrators. We only require the following information for a complementary comparison: health care provider CV’s, current declaration pages, and claim histories.

•  We package and submit information to our multiple carriers. Our experienced staff negotiates with the carriers to secure best-case results.

•  Our negotiation is not a one-time event; we continue to engage the market during subsequent renewals assuring competitive pricing which requires little or no effort on the practice’s part.

•  We are your partner and we come at NO additional cost.


About Risks Strategies

Risk Strategies is a privately held, national brokerage and consulting firm. Ranked in the top 20 brokers in the country, we offer risk management advice and insurance and reinsurance placement for health care, property and casualty, and employee-benefits risks.        

By bringing together one of the largest teams of dedicated health care insurance and reinsurance professionals operating across the country, Risk Strategies is able to bring its health care clients a focused, integrated and responsive liability and risk management service that is best in class.

With offices across the country, Risk Strategies gives you the reach and resources of a nationwide firm with the focused expertise and attention of a boutique specialist.


Key reasons for choosing Risk Strategies as your trusted advisor:


•  Largest, most experienced managed care team in the industry

•  Majority of us have 20+ years of industry experience

•  Our team understands your business and currently places insurance coverages and/or reinsurance for all at-risk ACOs.

•  Unique health care experience and expertise in provider contracting, referrals, contract analyses and negotiations. We’ve been in your shoes.

•  Our reinsurance experience includes broking, underwriting, and claims administration

•  Our clients are based across the country giving us broad insight into the ever changing world of health care

•  We understand local issues with health care delivery and state legislation

•  Our market access, volume and leverage are unparalleled

•  Risk’s evaluation and underwriting experience from some of the top reinsurers

•  We’re always available – not just when your coverage is up for renewal, but anytime you call

•  We are unbiased. This means we’re free to consider every one of our global contacts for the partner that meets your needs – not one that works best for us because of some corporate obligation.

•  Our network of partners, vendors and experts will help you contain costs and save money – especially when, as a client, you can take advantage of the preferential terms we’ve negotiated

•  Tailored analytics services empower our clients to make educated decisions about coverage terms and pricing


What Makes Us Different

A Full Spectrum of Coverage 

Go beyond the limits of a generalized broker. The focused expertise of insurance professionals from Risk Strategies ensures you get innovative, practical approaches to the full spectrum of liability and risk your business faces, including:

•  Surety Bonds as a Repayment Mechanism

•  Provider Excess including ACO Stop Loss

•  Health Care Professional Liability:

Medical Malpractice and Professional Liability, Managed Care Errors & Omissions

•  Employee Benefits:

Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Accident, Voluntary Benefits, Pharmacy Benefit Administration

•  Property & Casualty:

Property, Workers Compensation and Employers Liability, Commercial Automobile, Ambulance and Aircraft, General Liability, Package Policies

•  Management Liability:

Directors/Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Fiduciary Liability, Crime, Kidnap & Ransom

•  Specialty Insurance Solutions:

Data Privacy & Network Security, Environmental Liability, Government Billing Errors & Omissions, Miscellaneous Errors & Omissions, Terrorism, Bonds

•  Managed Care Stop Loss

•  Health Plan Reinsurance

•  Employer Stop Loss

•  Medicare Supplement

•  Other Medical Coverages:

Short Term Medical, Limited Medical, Critical Illness, Student Medical

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Contact Us

We are confident that we have a risk solution that will meet your needs. To discuss the options available to protect every facet of your ACO’s risk, please contact:

Chuck Newton at cnewton@re-solutions.net or 804.647.8360

To discuss Medical Malpractice Insurance, please contact:

Chris Zuccarini at czuccarini@cornerstoneplic.com or 800.508.1355