About Us

Drawing from years in the ACO business, RCG has acquired the know-how to make an ACO successful and profitable. Our unique approach to multi-payer contracting and strategic planning will not only maximize Shared Savings potential, but ultimately ensure your ACO leaves no money on the table. Please visit the ACO Contracting Services page for details. Traditional Payer Contacting and additional Consulting Solutions are also available.


ACO Payer Contracting

Reliance consultants utilize a client specific process to initiate ACO payer contacts, develop a payer-specific contract negotiation strategy and negotiate ACO payer contracts as determined by our clients based on strategic findings. The ACO payer contracting process involves:

  • Client data acquisition (e.g. PCP membership & credentials);
  • Payer notification and data request (e.g. accountable care contract template);
  • ACO contract assessment, legal analysis and negotiation strategy development;
  • Commercial payer contract negotiations (e.g. facilitate meetings, chronologies,);
  • Contract execution facilitation (e.g. advise on fulfillment of contract deliverables)

ACO Consulting Services

In addition to commercial payer contracting services, RCG provides strategic management services to our clients to include (but not limited to):

  • ACO assessment to determine readiness to achieve payer contracting terms;
  • Development of action plans based on assessment results;
  • Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) practice-specific rollout strategy to meet NCQA certification requirements and site visits to experienced ACOs;
  • Consulting support to develop ACO infrastructure capabilities including internal team care, external team contracting and care management reports, tools and protocols;
  • Development of state-wide network of ACOs to enable shared protocols and best practices;
  • Research of financial risk management requirements to position the ACO for value-based contracting.

What Our Clients Say

“Despite the disadvantage of our relatively small geographic footprint, John Schmitt worked tirelessly to keep our name and capabilities in front of key market players. As a result, we landed several beneficial commercial partnerships that we’d not have today, had it not been for John and his team. I cannot recommend Reliance Consulting highly enough.”

-Richard J. Lucibella, Chief Executive Officer, Accountable Care Options (Boynton Beach, FL)

“As an ACO and Advanced Payment model for CMS, part of our strategic mission is to acquire commercial contracts to enable sustained operations funding for long-term growth. Reliance Consulting Group supported our multi-payer strategy by facilitating the contracting process leading to our first commercial contract with good shared savings potential. John Schmitt and his team are very professional and John’s commercial payer relationships are what we needed to help us reach our goals.”

– Sheila Fusé, Chief Executive Officer, Primary Partners ACO (Clermont, FL)

“As a CMS (MSSP-Advanced Payment) ACO, our physicians and staff realized early on we needed an aggressive, multi-payer plan to help finance our operations. Drawing on its contracting experience and payer contacts, Reliance Consulting Group (RCG) produced our first commercial shared savings contract within two months, far exceeding our expectations. While we estimate the three year Return on Investment (ROI) of RCG’s services is in the double digits, the long term strategic positioning with commercial payers is invaluable.”

– Brent Staton, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Cumberland Center for Healthcare Innovation ACO (Cookeville, TN)

Our executive team found it very valuable to retain RCG to develop and execute our ACO’s multi-payer contracting strategy. The national experience of RCG’s consultants has leveled the playing field in our local negotiations with commercial payers. Their ability to benchmark performance targets, evaluate risk corridors and negotiate other contractual terms has been invaluable to IACO. As a result, we encourage other ACOs to use RCG as well.

– Vipul Mankad, M.D., Senior Medical Advisor, Integrated ACO, (Austin, TX)

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