About Us

Health Endeavors is a Medicare ACO technology leader with over ninety ACOs using our technology and other services since 2011.  We offer a full suite of population health solutions including GPRO reporting and performance, analytics and care coordination.  Our most popular solutions are the EHR Connector, Medical Text Alerts and Provider Smart Scorecard as each brings actionable data to the providers and patients which in turn engages physicians and patients.

Why Health Endeavors – Actionable Data

Health Endeavors is uniquely positioned to assist ACOs just getting started or going at-risk.  We don’t offer complicated analytics you need to figure out.  Instead, our analytics bring actionable data to your team at both the management level and the point of care.

We have the best GPRO reporting solution in the ACO industry with gaps in care analysis, performance scoring using the Medicare numerator/denominator methodology and our optimal gaps reporting analysis when it comes time to click submit so your ACO can achieve the best possible total score.

Health Endeavors Solutions for ACOs (see our detailed PDF solution sheets)

  • GPRO Quality Metrics
    • Data collection, reporting, performance score and gap analysis
  • Provider Smart Scorecard – Easy Web Access (no login)
    • Facility and Provider Level Quality and Financial Performance
  • Medical Text Alerts
    • Quality, Disease, Wellness and Medication gaps in care text alerts to patients
  • Analytics
    • PMPM, Out-of-Network, Episode of Care, Specialists, Aggregate Expenditure and Utilization.
  • EHR Connector – Actionable Data at Point of Care


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Main Contact: Kris Gates / 480-659-8130 / gates@healthendeavors.com / www.healthendeavors.com