Clinigence partners with healthcare providers in seizing emerging opportunities to translate clinical data into business value by improving clinical and financial outcomes. Clinigence is a revolutionary clinical data analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider. Clinigence empowers healthcare providers to maximize performance-based revenue by delivering more effective and efficient care. Pay-for-performance (P4P) is healthcare’s new business model. By leveraging their patient data and Clinigence’s unique technology, healthcare providers can take control of their performance and lead the transformation of our healthcare system from volume to value.

Navigate to Success in Accountable Care

No matter where you are on the accountable care journey, Clinigence can help you take the right next steps for your patients and your business: 

Turn Your EMRs to Clinical Integration at the Flick of a Switch! 

Already got EMR technology? Certified for Meaningful Use? Then Clinigence will get you clinical integration at the flick of a switch! Clinigence aggregates data across EMR applications and care settings to create a seamless, patient-centered clinical data repository – the foundation for quality improvement and clinical integration across your provider network!

Are your providers following evidence-based guidelines and your clinical protocols? Are they meeting required performance goals and benchmarks? With Clinigence, you will be sure to know if they don’t. And they will have all the tools they need to improve performance and meet these goals, including real-time benchmarking, trending, intervention planning and monitoring. 

Improve Outcomes through More Effective Processes

Are your processes driving desired patient and cost outcomes? Which processes can be improved and which must be replaced? Clinigence mines your past data for answers. The Clinigence knowledge library suggests improvements based on collective experience shared across organizations. And real-time effectiveness tracking keeps your process improvement initiatives always on the right track for your patients. 

Prioritize to Maximize Impact

What is your biggest accountable care opportunity today? Clinigence helps you estimate the value and cost of each opportunity to improve staff performance or drive better outcomes. With Clinigence, your choice of every step along the accountable care journey is based on your data and the collective wisdom of your peers. 

Betting on Your Success in Accountable Care

We are so confident that our technology will accelerate your journey to success in accountable care that we are pricing our solution on a share of your success! 


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