About Us

CareJourney was founded in 2014 under the belief that our nation’s transition to value-based care is an important one, but without an “operating manual” that can reliably deliver on the promise of better quality at lower cost. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations they trust with open, clinically-relevant analytics and insights in the pursuit of the optimal healthcare journey.


Helping ACOs achieve shared saving by wringing new, high-value insights out of claims data

Our product offerings include:

CareJourney: a queryable tool built on the CMS-supplied CCLF files (linked Parts A/B/D patient data) for a portfolio of clinically-relevant insights to help measure performance and surface care intervention improvement opportunities for ACOs



Network Advantage: a benchmarking service powered by our approved license to access CMS’s full Medicare claims dataset (linked Parts A/B/D and, coming in Q4, Medicare Advantage Part C claims data for all 53M Medicare beneficiaries) that helps members evaluate providers and build networks based on pre-selected and customizable performance metrics.

Blue Button Developer Analytics: a data feed for application developers helping Medicare patients and caregivers make better sense of their Blue Button 2.0 API (linked Parts A/B/D patient data), including preventive service gaps, avoidable utilization, and eligibility for proven care models.


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Direct Contact:  info@carejourney.com / www.CareJourney.com