"New to the ACO world, HealthCrowd was looking for a strong partner to best service the market and certainly found it in ACO Exhibit Hall. Garrett and John are true partners to both their members and vendors, helping to make beneficial connections and raise the bar for the entire industry.  We highly recommend ACOExhibitHall for everything ACO-related! "
Jackie Maynard
VP of Digital Engagement -- HealthCrowd
"Trella has greatly valued the opportunity to be a preferred vendor for ACOExhibitHall. We’ve been so pleased with the exposure it has provided us in the ACO market and the investment has been well worthwhile. Garrett and John are wonderful partners and a pleasure to work with. We have greatly benefited from the opportunities they’ve provided us, including the ability to host webinars every quarter to their large audience. We look forward to the on-going partnership and would highly recommend ACOEH to any organization seeking an effective way to grow their network in the ACO space"
Rebecca Molesworth
VP of Product Management -- Trella Health
"We were looking for ways to learn about the ACO market and make connections with ACOs. When we first became sponsors, Garrett and John provided truly helpful support in setting us up for success, and shared insights that shaped our first webinar. The ACO Newsstand Weekly is a great source of information on current happenings and is one of the e-newsletters I make a point of reading. We’re learning and making connections in the ACO industry, which is exactly what we want."
Georgia Buck
VP of Sales and Business Development -- InfoMC
"The ACOExhibitHall (ACOEH) hosted webinars have been extremely helpful to us in communicating Vivify's capabilities and virtual care strategies to ACOs. Moreover, the post-webinar debriefing sessions have helped our team focus on tactical outreach opportunities leading to new prospective clients as a result. In an increasingly virtual world, the tools ACOEH provides have become a timely and essential part of our marketing strategy.  "
James Foster
VP of Marketing -- Vivify Health
"It has been a pleasure working with ACO Exhibit Hall as a preferred vendor. John and Garrett are not only experts in the world of Accountable Care Organizations, but they are also very passionate about being one of the trusted voices for the ACO industry. Their long-term relationships in the industry and their insights have been beneficial for us in opening doors to the appropriate stakeholders."
Jeff Goe
Chief Revenue Officer -- BetterNight
"Garrett is a great pleasure to work with. With ACOExhibitHall.com he provides a valuable turn-key communication platform that easily connects ACO decision makers and solution providers like Topcon Healthcare. From virtual booth set-up to promotion and flawless execution of our webinar, Garrett was always only a phone call or email away to shepherd us through the process. Most importantly, we have already received several strong leads as a direct result of our partnership. Working with ACOExhibitHall.com has truly been a win-win experience and we are looking forward to the continued collaboration."
Bettina Kohler
Sr. Downstream Product Manager -- Topcon Healthcare
"The complexity of Accountable Care Organizations necessitates a range of solutions that exceed the capabilities of any one vendor organization. However we found the ACO ExhibitHall (ACOEH) not only offers our company a cost effective venue for presenting our organizational capabilities but proved an invaluable resource for joint venture initiatives with other exhibitors. The innovative cross marketing of ACOEH exhibitors is a win for both ACO decision makers and solution providers like CareJourney. "
Kevin Sheldon
Chief Operating Officer -- CareJourney
"In today’s healthcare environment, successful partnerships demand expertise and thought leadership coupled with deliberate quality execution. Through the resource library, Advisory Board, and like-minded organizations, ACOEH provides a unique venue to network and expand market presence. As a value-add, ACOEH has offered industry feedback through the Advisory Board, business-to-business partnership development and client expansion. Garrett and John have been supportive of Enjoin’s mission and a pleasure to work with."
James Fee, MD
Chief Executive Officer -- Enjoin
"ACO Exhibit Hall has been a great platform for promoting our brand in the ACO space. We have raised visibility through our exhibitor role and via partner opportunities such as co-branded webinars.  As an added benefit, their team has always been collaborative and supportive, with a commitment toward helping us build business. They have been, unequivocally, one of our best marketing partners."
Linda Smith
former VP, Marketing & Communications -- Continuum Health
"Our company wanted actionable and objective feedback about our technology from prospective clients.  We met with the ACOExhibitHall team and were very impressed with their professional and collegial approach to learning about technology in the market.  Everything is online, easily accessible and users can take their time to learn about the solutions offered on ACOExhibitHall.com.  In addition, we were offered an amazing opportunity to present our technology in a non-sales environment to several advisory board members.  This was a great experience and the feedback was extremely valuable to our team."
Kris Gates, J.D.
Chief Executive Officer -- Health Endeavors
"In considering joining ACO ExhibitHall as a vendor, I  really was hoping to create a dialogue with ACOs and other vendors about solutions to improving value. Just our first webinar with ACOH advisory board members was worth the cost of membership at platinum level.  It is the first venue where we have been able to converse with ACOs in a non-sales setting and get valuable input to target our services. John Schmitt and Garrett Schmitt have made this an easy and collaborative process, and are always bringing new ideas to the table.  We are very excited to work with ACO ExhibitHall and believe it will greatly enhance our services and growth."
Theresa Hush
CEO -- Roji Health Intelligence
"The strategic partnership between FLAACOs and ACOExhibitHall has proved to be of great value to us and their platform continues to serve as a megaphone for getting our message out to the ACO community. Since working with ACOEH, we have seen a positive impact on the attendance of our webinar series and annual conferences. I always recommend vendors in the space utilize ACOEH's marketing engine and influence in the industry to promote services and content."
Samantha Mocas
Director of Member and Partner Services -- Florida Association of ACOs
"Risk Strategies Company has been a vendor with the ACOExhibitHall.com for two years and can’t say enough good things about them.  As an ‘exhibitor’, ACOExhibitHall.com gives us great exposure to ACOs.  Garrett is very detail oriented, hardworking and responsive and displays extensive knowledge about his ACO members and vendors as well as the various products and trends impacting ACOs and the health care industry overall."
Margie Erwig
Senior Account Executive -- Risk Strategies Company
"When considering the best approach to reaching the ACO market while also staying in budget, it made sense for us to include ACOExhibitHall.com as part of our strategy. The ACOEH team has been a pleasure to work with and the exposure we have received as a result of exhibiting has been of great value to us."
Upen Patel
Chief Executive Officer -- AaNeel
"ACOExhibitHall.com's newsletter, "ACO Newsstand" is my one-stop for articles on ACO activity. It presents the information that would otherwise be scattered throughout multiple news services. A great source of consolidated information in an easily accessible format."
Becky Cook
Senior ACO Consultant -- Reliance Consulting Group
"As a value-based performance management software company, Salient Healthcare has found the ACO Newsstand articles to be relevant and thoroughly educational in this ever-evolving value based payment world. I personally anticipate the new release each week and often share the featured articles with my team."
Lisa A. Ryan
Former VP of ACO Services & Business Development -- Salient Healthcare