UPCOMING WEBINAR: How Supporting Risk-Based Agreements Can Advance Value-based Care
February 4, 2021
1pm EST

Value-based payment is not just about taking risk. It’s also about gaining flexibility and financial stability. The ability to care for patients in the most appropriate way, without financial fears guiding decisions, is vital. This has been even clearer in our current environment. In this session, we will help:

  • Examine how physicians can advocate for risk-based contract implementation
  • Understand the challenges that exist to improve social determinants under competing models
  • Develop tactics necessary to help providers find health plans willing to share the data needed to improve quality metrics
Our Speakers:
  • Dr. Joseph Nicholson – CareAllies Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Timothy Irvine – physician at IKP Family Medicine and board member at Renaissance Physicians IPA
We hope you join us for this informative discussion!  


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